Presto pesto!

Is there anything that says summer more than fresh homemade pesto prepared with basil straight from the garden? Bouquets of fresh basil are one of my favorite summertime farmers market finds, and if you’re anything like me, there are few things that feel like a sunny summertime moment quite like embracing a big bouquet of beautiful basil and being intoxicated from its bright and bold scent. Mmm… So when I saw that my in-laws’ herb garden was over-flourishing into a massive wild bush, I was more than happy to take a few (and a few more) bunches of basil off their hands.

My easy breezy homemade pesto

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Goodbye Carnegie Deli, and goodbye 2016

On Friday, Carnegie Deli, a true New York City landmark in Midtown Manhattan, shuttered its doors for the final time.  After 79 years of bringing the best of Jewish deli culture to New Yorkers and international travelers alike, the family-owned business said goodbye.  To have an idea of how much the Carnegie Deli was a part of New York City culture, historic and new, you simply have to take a look around the small but warm dining room.  Covering the walls are countless autographed photographs of visitors and lovers of Carnegie Deli, from Old Hollywood stars, international political figures, to today’s Instagram icons.

Stillness in the dining room before the start of the last opening day

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Dalian Favorite Eats: New Hot Pot Obsession


For as long as I can remember, I have always had a special place in my heart (and stomach) for hot pot.  Known as “huo guo” in Chinese, which translates literally to “fire pot,” hot pot of all kinds always brings memories of festive family feasts filled with colorful arrangements of thinly sliced lamb, mushrooms of all kinds, crisp and leafy vegetables… the possibilities are endless!  During my most recent trip home, my hot pot craving was happily satisfied by an afternoon feast of fresh fish hot pot. Continue reading


As some of you may have noticed, was out of commission for a few days in mid-October due to an unexpected cyber attack.  While I was, very fortunately and with many thanks to my trusty IT consultant, able to restore most of the content on the site, our previous security settings prevented us from keeping all of the comments from our readers.

I love hearing from you!  Please continue to share your thoughts with me as GCGL is up and running again.  A new post on my hometown eating adventures will be up soon, and I hope to hear from you then!

A Homemade Favorite: Zhajiangmian

Friends, by the time you are reading this post, I’ve arrived in Dalian, China on a much anticipated trip home.  It has been over a year since I’ve been home, which is much too long.  In celebration of this very special occasion, and in honor of my grandpa, an authentic Beijing-er, who first instilled in me a passion for great cooking, I’d like to share with you all our homemade recipe for Zhajiangmian (pronounced ja-jiong-mien), which translates quite literally to Fried Sauce Noodles.


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‘Twas the Season of NYFW

Twice a year, fashion lovers from around the world descend on New York City in anticipation of the unveiling by some of the most renowned designers of the coming season’s collections, known as New York Fashion Week.  In between my searches of inspiration for good cooking, I was fortunate enough to attend Daniel Silverstain‘s Spring 2016 runway show, thanks to my great friend and blog boss inspiration, Damask Suitcase.

 image1 (1)

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An Introduction…

Hello there!  And so great of you to visit!  

After much encouragement from the kindest of friends and family who have, over the years, tolerated my healthy obsession with the joy of eating and a brief technology tutorial from my very patient IT consultant, I am so delighted and admittedly a bit nervous to share with you what I hope to be a diary of my adventures, both in food and in life.  As this is just the very beginning, please bear with me as I learn to build an enjoyable sharing experience for you and for me.

Coming up next, a few summertime favorites…